To Bridge the Knowledge Gap between Sustainable practices and Businesses

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses reduce their environmental impact while also reducing costs, demonstrating a strong business case for sustainability. EKO Consulting specializes in environmental issues such as water efficiency, waste reduction and energy efficiency. We work with businesses of all sizes but focus most of our clients in the construction industry. With a team of experts, we have built a comprehensive approach to identifying cost-effective ways to save energy and reduce waste.

Our History

EKO Consulting is a sustainability consulting and management consulting firm that helps businesses move towards sustainability. We work with organizations to improve their practices, reduce waste and pollution, and increase their positive impact. We’re excited to help you find environmentally friendly solutions that work for you. EKO Consulting was started by Dilraj N. in 2018, and we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes make their business more sustainable since then! Our team is dedicated to creating a healthy planet for our children and grandchildren.